Our team

Our team


Randy St-Jean Bilodeau

Now Co-Owner, Randy is with us for the fourth year. Very young he was introduced to the world of the kennel and still interested in the family business he is present summer and winter. You will find him this summer as a Cani guide -Kart and this winter as a team leader and on the bus! He has his own way of communicating his passion and his humor to you! You will spend very pleasant moments in his company.

Michel Mongrain

Michel 11 years in the business and Co-owner, he is the man for every situation ! Manage the pack of dogs in the kennel, Chainsaw by hand in the trail or drive a snowmobile … it is the man who works in the shade, he is present all year! No matter where or when, he is never far away, he is the master of the kennel!

Nancy-Jane St-Jean

Co-owner, for 17 years in the general management of the company, she is the one in the office! Administration, sales and organization! Never far from her team will you meet her so regularly in the kennel! His smile, energy and enthusiasm are appreciated by the entire team and his clients.

Carol Lépine

Co-owner for 23 years, Carol has always had a great regard for nature. His years with the locals have allowed him to learn a lot about life in the forest. He is always animated by new projects and it is his dreams that led him to the tourist world. You could also have a fantastic snowmobile experience, quad safari or bear watching!


Koralie Gagné

Very young and full of will, Koralie joined the team with energy and ambition.

Eflamm Tilly

With us part-time Eflamm will share with you winter life to the fullest.

Olivier Gagnon

Olivier among us by passion and taste for adventure will make you live beautiful moments.

Gabriel Gagnon Anctil

Gabriel joins the team to live unique experiences and share his passions with you.

Pierre Blaudeau

Pierre joined us last year with passion and wishing to share his love for the outdoors and again this winter you will have the chance to meet him as a team leader and guide.

Alexandre Bernard

Alex joined the team part time last year and again with us this winter full time, his enthusiasm and passion make him an excellent guide.

Anthony Ferland

Anthony joined the team last year to share his love of animals, artist at heart, he will make you live beautiful moments with ease.

Cécile Mora

Cécile joined the team last year as an intern, you will have the chance to see her beautiful smile again this year in dog sledding

Laurence Bérubé

Laurence Passionate about the Inukshuk family, who have been with us for 3 years, will stay with us sporadically this winter to animate and welcome you. You will meet her at the office or at the kennel.

Shawn Paquin

Shawn with us last summer as a guide for bear watching has taken the plunge and stay with us as a guide this winter, you will know for sure, notice his kindness!

Laurie Demers

Laurie joined the Inukshuk team this summer to welcome you to the Labyrinth, full of ambition she also learned the trade, the guide at the kennel.

Mariève Murray

Mariève will charm you with her kindness both at the reception and at the kennel as a guide.

Aurore Becker

Aurore joins the team with her dynamism as a reception agent but also you will find her at the kennel as a guide.

Célia Burtin

Célia brand new among us, will welcome you upon your arrival at the pavilion, in all simplicity and with professionalism.

Francine Mongrain

Francine joined the family business for four years, she is the one who helps you find the center and unravel the mystery of the labyrinth! In winter, you will find it as support for the office team! You can’t miss it! Her smile will charm you for sure!

Mickael Crépy

Mickael joined us this winter to live with you the Quebec winter, you will see him driving the shuttle or guide by snowmobile.

Pierre Fortin

Pierre will be with us this winter for his second year as team leader and shuttle driver. Retired and passionate about the outdoors looking for new challenges, you can meet him on the bus or at the kennel! Her smile and good humor are contagious .

Nathan Martin

Nathan is back with us this summer after a one-year absence, his interest in Aukshuk Adventure and his love for our pack, we took over. You will see him as a team leader, and as  a guide 

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