Rent snowmobile

The formula includes :

  • Yamaha Venture 973cc Snowmobile Petrol up to one full per day
  • The complete suit
  • The insurance
  • Access to the trail
  • Exclusion: Pregnant woman and children under two years old


Without guide (Price per snowmobile + taxes)

*1hr:             Solo: $141.60     Duo: $167.34                                                                            *2hour:        Solo: $154.48     Duo: $180.22
*3.5 hrs:       Solo: $193.10     Duo: $218.83
*8 hrs:          Solo: $310.12     Duo: $335.87

With guide (price per snowmobile + taxes)

*2hour:         Solo: $315.98     Duo: $339.39
*3.5 hrs:       Solo: $409.61     Duo: $444.71
*8 hrs:          Solo: $550.05     Duo: $585.15


* * Rent a second and third guided snowmobile and get a discount 
* * Minimum age is 21 years old for driving with a valid driver’s license
* * Deductible deductible is $ 3500.00

Adventure Inukshuk now offers you a package combining your sleigh ride with a snowmobile ride! see the packages section The Heart and Motor, duo snowmobile and dog sled offers you the perfect opportunity to vibrate all the fibers of your body. Pleasure and emotions visit power and thrills! Whew, what a day and all accompanied by a good hot lunch meal at the dining room Les Quatre Temps.